International Coffee Day 2020


Towards the Vision of Indonesia as a World Coffee Paradise from Farm to Cup

Indonesia is one of the best coffee producing countries, even the annual production of 600 thousand tons is able to supply seven percent of the world’s coffee needs. According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture (Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture), Indonesia is the largest coffee producer in the world, after Brazil and Colombia.

The government says there are at least 16 types of coffee that are in demand by the international market. To coincide with the International Coffee Day which falls every October 1, let’s get to know the following seven most favorite coffees in ICD 2020 ( International Coffee Days )

Indonesian diversity does not only exist in art, culture, language or ethnicity. Coffee, as one of the country’s biggest export commodities, also has a variety of flavors. Each region has distinctive coffee flavor characteristics, which distinguishes it from coffee from other regions.


How did it happen? Because coffee is a unique and sensitive plant. The taste of coffee drinks can differ based on factors that affect the plants, the fruit to the post-harvest handling process.

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