International Coffee Day 2020


Coffee trade goes live on blockchain platform, The blockchain platform will allow a coffee producer to directly transact with multiple buyers. The blockchain-based solution was developed in Indonesia coordination with Mr Dedi Judianto., the company’s CEO and founder, said the idea of using blockchain is to “record the first smart contract on a blockchain with the 20-odd stakeholders, and establish trust in the marketplace”. successfully delivered school supplies using a drone this January in Java, Indonesia. This was a test approved by the Indonesian government. It shows the capabilities of it is just waiting on the business cases people can build around these technologies. Because as infrastructure is still lacking in Indonesia it could be a way that would improve the lives of a lot of people.Trial Version will be delivery by APDI Indonesia Drone Pilot Association collaboration with Bencoolen Coffee



Use of Drones in Agriculture

Drones are currently used in two standard agricultural applications — tracking and distribution.

  • Tracking (and subsequent analysis) is used in both plant and livestock agriculture and helps farmers understand the status, resources, and productivity of their farms.
  • Distribution using drones involves physically moving resources across a farm, including spreading agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizer.


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Exsibisi vitual Kopi terbesar tahun ini yang diselenggarakan dalam rangka menyambut Hari jadi Kopi Internasional 2020.

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